All Stars
1. Dr. Oz, Can Lauren catch any disease from kissing her dogs?

2. Suze, How can I set up a trust fund for my bird?

3. Dr. Phil, is it normal to shop in your sleep?

4. Dr. Oz, is it normal for a 7 year old boy to start puberty?

5. Dr Phil, is it normal to give my children affection through baby talk?

6. Suze, I want to teach my 16 year-old daughter to become financially responsible and to start building good credit. Is it normal to give my teenager a credit card?

7. Suze, How do I say no to anyone who asks for money? Even if I don't have it, I will try to borrow it from someone just to give it to that person. Is this normal?

8. Is it normal for teenagers to want plastic surgery?

9. Dr. Oz, is it normal for there to be bumps on a man's penis?

10. Dr. Oz, is drinking vinegar damaging to my health?

11. Dr. Oz, is it normal to lose sense of taste?

12. Is it normal to have sex in public places?

13. Is it normal for my husband to want to have anal sex?