All Stars

1. Dr. Oz, how long does it take to sober up before I can drive?

2. Dr. Phil, how do I prevent myself from being slipped a date-rape drug?

3. Dr. Oz, are there any dangerous germs in communal bathrooms?

4. Dr. Phil, how do I teach my daughter to value money?

5. Suze, Do I need a financial backup plan?

6. Suze, how do I hold onto the money that I'm earning?

7. Dr. Phil, How do I learn to say, "No"?

8. Dr. Oz, is there a gay gene?

10. Dr. Oz, is there a safe way to tan?

11. Suze, are "cash for gold" stores legitimate?

12. Dr. Phil, what is the best way to break-up with my boyfriend?

13. Dr. Oz, what is the safest way to have multiple sex partners?

14. All Stars, I'm going to college in the fall. Can you each give me one quick tip on how to survive Freshman year based on your experience?