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Episode: Abby and Cory
Question: Is it normal to have a tattoo? 
  • According to our poll, parents were almost twice as likely to have a tattoo than people without kids.
  • The website rankmytattoos.com says the most popular design is the tribal tattoo, and the least popular is a picture of a heart with a sword sticking through the center.
Question: Is it normal to have used anything other than a toothpick to pick your teeth?
  • More men polled have picked their teeth with something other than a toothpick than women. ehow.com suggests using a folded paper towel to pick your teeth if you don't have a toothpick handy.
Question: Is it normal to have ever passed gas and blame it on someone else?
  • According to our poll, more men blame others for their gas than women.
  • A study by the website socyberty.com revealed that Americans rank passing gas in public as the 22nd most disgusting bad habit. Spitting is number one.
Question: Is it normal to have had sex in public?
  • According to menshealth.com, 62% of women say sex in public is one of their top 5 fantasies.



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