The Secrets of Success
Rosie Herman created One Minute Manicure
In 1997, manicurist Rosie Herman was a stay-at-home mom and she and her husband were $75,000 in debt from fertility treatments. After her twins were born, she had another big problem on her hands. Caring for premature twins, she couldn't use manicure products on the market because they contained perfumes and dyes that she was allergic to or might harm the babies, but constantly washing her hands was causing her hands to crack and bleed. Armed with her knowledge as a manicurist, Rosie whipped up a treatment in her own kitchen and within a week her hands were soft and smooth.

Rosie passed out her magical mixture around town and immediately she was flooded with requests for more. With almost no money in the bank, Rosie had to think outside of the box. She rallied friends and neighbors to help her get started and traded baked goods for business know-how. In just five years, sales of her One Minute Manicure topped the $20 million mark!

Even with millions in the bank, Rosie says life hasn't changed much at all. She still clips coupons and puts dresses on layaway! "You've got to teach your children today just because we were successful, they need to know they need to work for it also," says Rosie. "[My children] do things around the house and I treat them to a day at the dollar store."