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Rebecca Matthias was a 28-year-old mom-to-be when she conceived an idea that would change her life forever. Struggling to find maternity clothes to wear to work, Rebecca used her savings to create a maternity catalogue she thought would appeal to other women, but her black and white catalogue was a bust. Even though she made major mistakes, Rebecca's maternal instincts and perseverance paid off. Her next attempt at the belly business was a big success. Today, her company MothersWork has 1,100 stores around the U.S. and is a $500 million clothing empire!

"If you can raise kids, you can run a business," says Rebecca. "What better way to combine having children and having a career than being able to be in control of when you work and what you do? And if you have to drop everything for an hour and go to the play at school that your kid is starring in, you just go! You don't have to ask anybody."
FROM: The Millionaire Woman Next Door
Published on September 30, 2004