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With more than 60 million views to date, Judson's YouTube video "Evolution of Dance" is currently the most viewed video of all time on YouTube. What could cause such a frenzy? All it took was a guy, a stage, a spotlightand some killer dance moves.

Judson gives the Oprah audience a taste and even throws in a few new moves that will be performed in his second YouTube video. From "The Twist" and "Proud Mary" to "Ice Ice Baby," Judson takes cues from dance moves throughout the decades as he shakes and shimmies his way across the stage.

Watch Judson tells Oprah after the show where he learned those smooth moves

Judson explains that he didn't start the "Evolution of Dance" with the intention of becoming a YouTube star. "I actually work as a professional speaker and so I needed to do something at the end of my shows to really show people that 'life is change,' because that's one of my big themes. And I thought about how dancing has changed, and even though each one of those dances is fantastic, new songs are constantly coming out," Judson says.

Choreographing the dances wasn't difficult for Judson—the hard part was choosing the songs! "The funny thing was, once the music was mixed and in place, the dances kind of fell into place. It started off as 12 songs, two and a half minutes. And every time I would do it, someone would come up afterwards and be like, 'Oh my gosh, you have to add this song.' And people would e-mail with things that I should keep adding. And I kept adding and adding and adding and it got to the point where all that I could do was about six minutes!"
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Published on November 06, 2007


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