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After sorting through thousands of videos, Diddy narrowed his selection to three candidates: Heather, a confident lawyer; Cedric, a talented businessman; and Nick, an ambitious rapper. The applicants are asked to explain why they think they are right for the job.

Heather: "I think I should have this job because my experience as a lawyer, a return Peace Corps volunteer, and my wide scope of professional experiences, I believe make me uniquely qualified to serve Mr. Combs. I'm very humble and not unwilling to take the role of assisting him because I understand who the star is in this relationship and I'm willing to support him in the way that he needs."

Cedric: "The reason I think I'm the right person for the job is I do have a business background and I know he does need someone when he's not available to possibly speak to someone to close a deal. And I think what's most important is being as famous as he is, he doesn't have time for himself—so I'm looking to give him a part of his life back where he can actually relax and take some time to be with the family."

Nick: "My father was no Hitler, but he was definitely strict. I've been running my household since the age of 17—had to be preemptive, know what he wants before he ask asks for it, know how to make him happy before he asks for it. Not to say I've been training, but I've been preparing for the position all my life."
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Published on November 06, 2007


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