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Have you caught on to the YouTube craze? This video-sharing website has rocked the World Wide Web. Now, anyone can post a video and become world-famous overnight. From science experiments and music videos to adorable animals and laughing babies, more than 200 million videos are watched on YouTube every single day.

YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, who rarely grant interviews because of their busy schedules, say they were inspired during a dinner party at Steve's San Francisco home. His guests had cell phones and digital cameras that could record video, but they didn't have a good way to share them with one another. "There's lots of services that share pictures, but when it comes to videos, you try to e-mail them back and forth and they were too large to e-mail," Steve says. "It's really complicated to try to share these videos online. So we thought with more people with digital cameras and more people with cell phones, people would start running into these problems."

Chad, too, was one of those people—he had a new baby and wanted to share videos with his parents. "So I had videos and we just had these problems and we thought that we'd simplify the process," Chad says.
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Published on November 06, 2007


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