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Thorunn lives in Iceland, known as the land of ice and fire for its glaciers, geysers and hot springs, which Icelanders use to heat their houses. "We soak outside in our natural hot water—even in the winter," Thorunn says. "It's filled with minerals. It's like having a spa right outside your backyard!"

Iceland is known for its tall, blonde, blue-eyed women, and when it comes to fashion, it's at the top of the world. Designers like to use natural materials from the island like wool for unique sweaters and fish skin for handbags. Iceland is also one of the safest places in the world. "We have a very low crime rate. In fact, our police officers don't even carry guns," Thorunn says. "And we're quite comfortable leaving our children on the sidewalk by themselves while we go in to shop. We also make sure our children sleep outside for at least an hour a day. Even in the winter. The fresh air is very good for them. Oprah, you should try sleeping outside. It's positively invigorating!"

During the winter months, the sun only shines for a few hours a day in Iceland but during the summer, they have 24 hours of sunlight! Reykjavik has the reputation of being the party capital of the world and the nightlife year round makes it the city that never sleeps. "We don't even start to go out until after midnight and we stay out sometimes until 6 a.m. at least," Thorunn says.
FROM: Oprah Takes You Around the World
Published on April 25, 2005


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