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During week one, Christie has to adjust to waking up in the morning to join Jeff and the kids on the farm to milk the cows. By day five, it's clear Jeff and Christie don't see eye to eye when it comes to how Jeff manages the kids and the farm. Christie tells Jeff, "You need to help around the house. And, I don't think it's your kids' responsibility to do all the work all the time."

After a week of living by Audrey's rules, Christie milks the rules ceremony for all it's worth. "I have milked my last cow, for as long as I live!" She even forbids the kids from helping their dad in the barn. Jeff must now do all of the housework and all of the farm work by himself…and he must pamper Christie.

After living with Jeff on the farm and seeing how much Audrey does, Christie has a realization of her own. "I need to help Richard more. I never knew that he wanted me to help him with the yard and stuff like that. But I'm working on it."
FROM: Wife Swapping
Published on September 24, 2004


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