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When the announcement came that Senator Obama had won, Will was surrounded by family. "My daughter was sitting on my lap ... Jaden was sitting beside me, and my older son Trey was behind me. Then Barack gave his speech, and I just lost it," he says. "It's like, that's what I believe."

Just thinking about it gets Will choked up. "I'm getting teary again," he says. "Oprah, I'm an action hero. I can't be crying on your show!"

Will says he felt confident in the outcome. "The way that I was raised was, 'Nobody's better than you, and anything that you want, you set your mind to it and you go get it. Period,'" he says. "I believed that it was possible, but I didn't know if I really believed. The history of African-Americans is such that you want to be a part of America, but we've been rejected so much it's hard to take the ownership and take responsibility for ourselves and this country. It was like, at that second, at that moment, all of our excuses were gone."
FROM: Will Smith and Tina Fey
Published on November 06, 2008


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