Wildest Dreams Update
Oprah Winfrey
Everyone is still talking about our season's Wildest Dreams with Oprah premiere show when we gave everyone in our audience a brand new Pontiac® G6™.

"I'll tell you, the look on everybody's faces when they saw their car keys, for me, was priceless. It will live on as one of the greatest moments I've ever experienced on television. Literally, I thought I was going to pass out!" Oprah exclaims.

All the audience members were told that if they accepted the car, they would have to report it as income—even if they later sold the car. By law, anytime someone wins anything over a certain dollar amount—whether it's from a game show, a lottery ticket or in a casino—he or she is must report it as income on a 1099.

But guess what? As of now, nobody has declined the car! And everyone was sworn to secrecy—they couldn't even tell their spouses!

So what happened when everyone went home?