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After the show, Alex also got news that she would be provided with an apartment until she entered college. We caught up with her the day she saw her new home. Even the lobby of Alex's new apartment building is elegant—a world away from the rough streets of Los Angeles where she had been living.

"It's so beautiful," Alex says. "I saw this kind of stuff on TV as a kid, but never did I ever think I'd be actually living it. These are my keys. To my place. It's right here!"

After sleeping on other people's couches and shelter beds, Alex is amazed with her new furnishings.

"I don't have to be on the street. I don't have to be worried about where am I going to sleep tomorrow…. This is my first time on my own and I'm scared, because it's not a group home. It's not a foster home. This is my home. This is, like, an opportunity I'm being given that doesn't happen to many people like me…and it's happening to me! And I'm really willing to commit my life to school and just better my future."
FROM: The Millionaire Woman Next Door
Published on September 30, 2004


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