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In Wild Hogs, John plays Woody. He appears to have it all, but in reality, his wife just left him and he's got big-time money problems. Tim Allen plays Doug, a dentist whose life has become way too routine. Martin Lawrence plays Bobby, a henpecked husband whose wife wears the pants in the family. And William H. Macy plays Dudley, a single computer geek who is unlucky in love.

On the weekends, these four responsible, suburban, middle-aged men escape their humdrum lives by donning biker gear, riding their motorcycles and calling themselves the "Wild Hogs." Then, one day, Woody decides the guys need a road trip to spice things up.

When these guys hit the road, little do they know it's going to hit back—hard. Along the way, they run into, among other things, real-life bikers who are not too impressed with the suburban fakes.

Their road trip adventure leads them to love, stronger bonds and a chance to rediscover their wild sides.
FROM: John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, William H. Macy
Published on February 06, 2007