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John says he likes watching some of his old movies with his two children, Jett and Ella. "Jett was young when he saw Look Who's Talking, but he didn't like it when I was kissing Kirstie Alley. But Ella took right to it right away. That's why last year she said, 'When am I going to do a movie with you?' Little did she know, dad had a trick up his sleeve."

After years of playing it cool with his daughter's budding acting ambitions, John is ready to announce that he and Ella are going to appear in a movie together in the future. "She's a natural performer," John says. "She's just like I was. I didn't push it at all, because I knew that worked. My mother didn't push me, either. We were just given our space to be whatever we wanted to be, and I decided that works better than any kind of pressure."

While some other actor parents may try to steer their children away from acting, John says he doesn't understand that mode of thinking. "Unless they're afraid they're going to be rejected and they want to protect them," he says. "And I can imagine parents would fear that, but you can be rejected in any profession."

It's not all acting with John, though. His other big passion is flying. In fact, the home he and his wife, actress Kelly Preston, have in Florida has a custom-made driveway—for John's jet!
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Published on February 06, 2007


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