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For some of the cast, playing motorcycle enthusiasts didn't require much acting. Bill says he used to ride a motorcycle when he first moved to California. "I rode in college a bit, little dirt bikes. I've never ridden big Harleys," he says. At the time, he thought he was definitely born to be wild. "I got those goggles and a helmet...thinking that I looked really cool. I thought I did. I'd come up alongside cars and they were roaring [laughing]," he says. Bill actually decided to use his old bug-eyed goggle look for his character in the film!

Martin says he didn't ride much before the film. "When I did, I gave my bike away because I wasn't good," Martin says.

Martin says he got plenty of help from John, who had motorcycles before he had planes. In fact, John says when he first came to Hollywood he bought a motorcycle instead of a car because it was cheaper. "That was the first thing I ever drove," he says.

Even the strongest riders had some help. For some shots, a trailer pulled them along. "Don't tell nobody," Martin jokes. "In all fairness to the group, 90 percent of the riding was actual riding that we did," John says.
FROM: John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, William H. Macy
Published on February 06, 2007


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