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In 1999, Martin lay comatose in a hospital for three days after collapsing on his front lawn. "I was trying to lose weight for a film, and I just wore all these sweat clothes...on the hottest day of the summer," Martin says. "I just remember trying to make it home, trying to make it home and started blacking out."

Martin says he doesn't remember any voices from when he was asleep, but he thinks he remembers hearing the Lauryn Hill song "Tell Him," which his sister played for him. Although his condition was serious, Martin says, "It was some of the best sleep I ever got. I swear to you, it was so smooth. And I'm like if I had to go that way, I'll check out that way."

So how is Martin feeling today? "I'm doing wonderful. I have three beautiful daughters and I had two of my girls after the coma, so everything's working!" he says.
FROM: John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, William H. Macy
Published on February 06, 2007