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Senior Jason McElwain was the basketball team manager at Greece Athena High School in Rochester, New York. Although Jason, who has autism, was happy on the sidelines, he always dreamed of playing on the court. As a reward for his years of dedication, Coach Johnson, who headed the team, let Jason suit up for his very last home game—not to play, but to know what it feels like to be on the team. Then, with four minutes left in the game, Coach Johnson shocked the crowd by calling Jason to the floor. For the first time, he was a varsity player.

Jason's first two shots went nowhere near the basket. His third, though, was a 20-foot three pointer. The fans went wild, and Jason was just getting started. In four minutes, the kid who had struggled with autism his whole life and never played in a high school varsity game sunk six three-pointers! When Jason's last shot went in at the buzzer, the crowd stormed the court, and Jason's teammates carried their hero on their shoulders.
FROM: Little Geniuses
Published on April 25, 2006


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