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Skyping™ in from her Los Angeles home, it's Desperate Housewives star Felicity Huffman with her dog Tucker! Felicity says she adopted Tucker from a group called Pet Orphans, and Tucker and his siblings were originally named after characters on Grey's Anatomy. "For example, my assistant got McSteamy or McDreamy," Felicity says. "And Tucker was Alex."

Felicity—and Tucker—also have big news to announce. Felicity is helping Iams' Home 4 the Holidays dog adoption drive. Now in its 10th year, this program seeks to get a million dogs out of shelters and into adoptive homes by the holiday season.

"They have 3,000 shelters which are a part of it, and there's even one in Iraq," Felicity says. "Not only do they want to place the dogs, but they give you pet food, they give you coupons for savings, and then—what I feel like is the most important—they educate you."
Felicity says education for people who are thinking about adopting pets is crucial to making sure the animals don't end up back in shelters. "There's a lot to know when you adopt a pet. You know: How to introduce it to your family. How to make your house dog-proof. ... There's this great honeymoon period when you first get a dog. 'Oh, it's so cute. It's so great.' And then it eats your shoes and poops in your house and suddenly you don't like it so much."
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Published on September 25, 2008


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