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Dog lovers from around the country are Skyping™ in to Harpo Studios with their pups in tow. Robin (pictured above, on the left) from Kalispell, Montana, is joined by Buddy and Charlie. She adopted Buddy from a shelter about a year ago and says that while it took a little longer to bond with him than it would have with a puppy, it's been easier than she expected. "You keep him on a leash until you know what the situation is," Robin says. "It does take longer to bond, but we're talking weeks instead of overnight."

Jen (on the right) lives with her husband, their four cats and two dogs, Maisy and Loki, in Chicago. She says that while she's had her dogs for seven years, they're still not house trained.

Jamye (in the middle), who is Skyping from Atlanta, has had her dog, Zoey, for three years. "She's been an amazing force in my life and has caused so much change to occur," Jamye says. "It's this love and connection that you have with a creature that loves you unconditionally."

FROM: The Tiniest Dog in the World
Published on September 25, 2008


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