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The original puppy mills show drew a huge response. The topic generated thousands of e-mails and comments on Oprah.com's message boards.

Kathleen wrote, "While I appreciate your exposé on puppy mills, I found the lack of support for reputable responsible breeders very sad. We are all now painted with the same brush."

Oprah disagrees. "There are a lot of wonderful breeders out there and obviously because you wanted to write me, you must be among them," she says. "And so I just ask people to be more thoughtful and responsible when you're buying your pets. ... But as we were saying earlier in this show, there are 8 million dogs in shelters. Many of them purebred dogs. And so I've been encouraging people to go to the shelters. But if you want a purebred dog and know of a great breeder we welcome your support of the breeders also."

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Oprah has one more word on pets. "Remember," she says, "one of the best things you can do for your pet is spay or neuter."
FROM: The Tiniest Dog in the World
Published on September 25, 2008


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