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Following Lisa Ling's exposé on puppy mills, Today Show reporter Jill Rappaport introduced Oprah Show viewers to Susan Marino, the dedicated founder of Angel's Gate. This organization is a haven for more than 200 physically disabled animals that nobody else wants.

"What we do is make a commitment to the animal for a lifetime. We just want to make their lives magical and special until they take their final breath here," Susan said. "We focus on what they can do as opposed to what they can't." Since that report, Angel's Gate has raised $400,000 from generous Oprah Show viewers.

The Skypers™ were all moved by Susan's story of devotion.

Jen says she decided to do more to help animals. "I used to volunteer for pit bull rescue," she says. "I just kept adopting dogs and stopped volunteering. Now I have to do more."

"I was thinking how wonderful those dogs are," Robin says. "I mean, they have a place where they can go. I wish there were more facilities like that."

"We really are supporters of Atlanta Humane Society," Jamye says.
FROM: The Tiniest Dog in the World
Published on September 25, 2008


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