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In April 2008, Lisa Ling went undercover to reveal what goes in puppy mills—and the world was outraged to see thousands of female dogs and puppies endure horrific conditions, abuse and nonexistent veterinary care.

That show increased awareness and spurred action. Tips to the Humane Society led to a raid on a puppy mill in Tennessee. The 747 dogs in that facility were transferred to shelters in seven states, and its operator has been charged with 24 counts of aggravated animal cruelty.

The owner of a 1,200-dog breeding operation in Wisconsin retired. Rather than letting the dogs be sold to another mass breeder, the Wisconsin Humane Society bought the kennel and proceeded to work on finding adoptive home for the dogs.

Authorities raided a farm in Pennsylvania and arrested the breeder who sold a fatally ill puppy to an undercover investigator. He pleaded guilty to eight counts of animal cruelty and surrendered his kennel license. A judge banned him from ever breeding dogs again.

And just weeks ago, more than 1,000 dogs were rescued from a puppy mill in West Virginia.
FROM: The Tiniest Dog in the World
Published on September 25, 2008