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When Oprah spent a weekend at Mar-a-Lago to celebrate Maya Angelou's 80th birthday, she got a taste of her first summer must-have. "I had what I believe may be the best turkey burger in the entire world," she says. "Before I left, I tracked the chef down to make him tell me what was in it, but Donald Trump said no."

Unwilling to release the secret recipe without top-notch security, Donald's come to the Oprah Show to deliver it himself! He's joined by Mar-a-Lago's executive chef, Jeff O'Neill, who is finally revealing how to make his mouthwatering burger. The secret ingredients? Green apples and chutney. "I couldn't figure it out," Oprah says. "I'm eating the thing, and it's so moist, and there's a sweetness to it that I've never had. Apples and chutney inside the burger. It's unbelievable!"

The Mar-a-Lago Turkey Burger will be permanently available at the Trump Bar and Grille in Trump Tower in New York City, open to the public for lunch and dinner. It will also be served during lunch in Chicago at Sixteen, the Trump International Hotel restaurant.

Get the Mar-a-Lago Turkey Burger recipe.

Top the burger with your regular fixings—ketchup, mustard, relish—but be sure to add Jeff's pear chutney sauce for some extra oomph.

Get the recipe for Mar-a-Lago Pear Chutney.
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Published on May 29, 2008