11. And what grade would you give your child's school—an "A" for excellent, a "B", "C", "D" or a failing grade of "F"? (Respondents: 279 out of 1,000)
A (excellent) 23%
B 46%
C 21%
D 7%
F (failing grade) 3%
No answer/don't know less than 1%

12. Do you think that your child or children attending public schools are being adequately prepared for college if they decide to go to college? (Respondents: 279 out of 1,000)
Yes 62%
No 33%
No answer/don't know 6%

13. If you had the choice of sending your child to a different school, in your area, would you switch schools, or not? (Respondents: 279 out of 1,000)
Would switch schools 40%
Not switch schools 57%
No answer/don't know 3%

14. What percent of American students do you think graduate from high school?
0 to 25% 2%
26 to 50% 9%
51to 75% 49%
76 to 100% 35%
No answer/don't know 4%

15. How serious a problem do you consider the school dropout rate in America to be?
Extremely serious 42%
Somewhat serious 47%
Not very serious 5%
Not serious at all 3%
No answer/don't know 3%

FROM: What Bill and Melinda Gates Want You to Know
Published on April 11, 2006


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