Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins
Martin Lawrence
In Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, Martin Lawrence plays R.J. Stevens, a superstar Hollywood talk show host who is about to marry a glamorous reality show starlet. Before they tie the knot, he takes his fiancée back home to Dry Springs, Georgia, to meet the family he left behind. Hilarity ensues when Roscoe and his bride-to-be meet up with his outrageous family members.

Martin says Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins is one of the funniest films he has ever made. "I love this film and the whole cast that I got to work with," he says. "Everybody delivered in their roles. It was just a lot of fun."

To research the part of a successful talk show host, Martin says he watched television shows—including Oprah. "I watched your show…just see how you interact with the audience," he says. "It worked for me. It helped."