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Before they became movie stars, Martin, Mo'Nique and Cedric all held down less-than-glamorous jobs. "Remembering where you came from and to see where you are now, you give nothing but thanks and praise," Martin says.

Mo'Nique says she once worked as a phone sex operator. "I was the person that worked inside the office, and I had to monitor the calls. I had to make sure the girls were saying the right things to the men," she says. "I learned some things, Miss Oprah!"

Before he became a famous comedian, Martin buffed floors in retail stores. "When you go into K-Marts and you see them shiny floors? I did that!" he says.

Cedric says he bagged groceries at a supermarket. "I was probably like top-10 bagger in the state. I was like Tom Cruise in Cocktail," Cedric jokes. "You put your heavy things on the bottom. I would have your milk next to the frozen peas so your milk would stay cool. People would appreciate that if you had to stop before you got home, you know. They didn't realize. I was good!"
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Published on January 28, 2008


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