We Are Marshall
Matthew McConaughey plays Coach Jack Lengyel in 'We Are Marshall.'
He can melt a million hearts with a flash of his mega-watt smile, but today Matthew McConaughey is sharing something very close to his own heart—the role he says he was born to play!

Matthew's new film, We Are Marshall, is the true story of a tragic accident that tested the spirit of an entire town. In Huntington, West Virginia, Marshall University's "Thundering Herd" football program was more than a sport—it was the heart of the community until one fateful night in 1970. While traveling home after a game, the chartered jet carrying the football team, coaches and some fans crashed less than a minute before landing. All 75 people on board died.

As the community copes with the tragedy, the school administration debates whether to shut down the team or start from scratch. Matthew plays Jack Lengyel, the new coach who believes he can beat the odds and rebuild the team.

Matthew says the film has a real emotional impact on him—he tears up every time he watches it. "I've seen it now five times, and I've quit trying to keep it from getting me," Matthew says. "It happens every time."