Matthew McConaughey says Huntington residents were skeptical of the movie at first.

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Matthew and the crew filmed We Are Marshall on location in Huntington, West Virginia. "Everyone in this town to this day is connected to this event...either by bloodline, lore or friendship," Matthew says.

The wounds are still fresh more than 30 years after the crash. Matthew says some residents told him it was "kind of weird and kind of spooky" to be filming a movie about it in town.

In fact, Matthew says many residents didn't want to bring the football program back at all after the crash. Eventually, the town was won over by Matthew and the film crew because residents realized they were there "to do the story justice."

Matthew says that some people who haven't attended a Marshall football game since before the crash have now returned to the stadium. "They're taking the field. I'm really honored," Matthew says. "This is the most gratifying experience I've had as an actor."
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Published on December 06, 2006