Arriving in AfricaThe Trip of a Lifetime  Watch 
Meet the inaugural O Ambassadors group and see what happened when they landed in Kenya.

School Supplies  Watch
Two of the O Ambassadors raised money for new school supplies. Tag along on their shopping trip!

School suppliesGoat Herding  Watch
To see what daily chores were like, the O Ambassadors put on their running shoes and tried rounding up a herd of goats.

A Lesson in Culture  Watch
Nbala, a Maasai warrior, takes the group on an eye-opening hike.

WatchHome Tour  Watch
Monica, a community leader, takes the O Ambassadors on a tour of a typical Maasai home.

WatchThe River  Watch
At home, the O Ambassadors turn on a tap and get clean water. In this Kenyan village, things are very different.

WatchThe New School  Watch
Everyone's hard work paid off! See the amazing new school they built for the community.

WatchStudent Teaching  Watch
What happens when our students become the teachers? See what lessons everyone learned in the new school.