Oprah Winfrey
There's no debating this fact: Monday's show about Waiting For "Superman" and America's education system fired up a lot of people.

From teachers who were enraged because they felt blamed to educators who emphatically agreed with the film's message, we heard from viewers across the spectrum.

"Our education system's going down the toilet," one parent said. "How are we going to compete?"

"I found the overall tone of the show to be infuriating and personally offensive," one teacher said.

Viewers yelled at their televisions, applauded our guests, demanded to hear about parents' roles, defended their unions, cried for the children, addressed the controversy and, in some cases, added to it. One retired teacher and former union rep even said, "The teachers that are complaining about the show are the bad teachers."

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"The best time to get people to take action is when they are fired up, like right now," Oprah says.