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Oprah says that Uma's honesty is a great help to all women who are hurting from the trauma of a failed relationship. "You are the definition of what our society says is glamorous and beautiful," Oprah says, "and there are women who look at those [Louis Vuitton] ads … and they think that if they just had that, their lives would be great. And so for you to be sitting here looking like you look—long and lean and lanky —to say that your self-esteem was mangled, I think that's [a great help]. It gives hope to everybody else."

Though the divorce has been extremely difficult for all involved, Uma and her family are finding a new path for their lives. "I think the number one thing that keeps you from doing better than your best is fear," Uma says. " When you go through it, … you get through your fear a little bit, too, because it's happened. And that makes you stronger."

"I think you're one of those people who will turn your pain into great power," says Oprah. "Strength over time is power."
FROM: Uma Thurman on Love, Marriage and Men
Published on October 07, 2005


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