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"It's excruciating," Uma says about her divorce. "It's weird, because you have a nice boyfriend, you know, and your husband's moving on and the children are doing okay and work's okay—and then unexpectedly you cross these little ceremonies where it's all … like a blizzard again. … You're still so far from your life feeling whole again."

Uma says that despite her efforts to move forward, she's found it difficult to recover from the divorce. "You can move on," she says, "and you can be lucky and you can seize the moment and you can take one step after another, but … you bear two children with somebody—that's not a small thing—and then you can hardly talk to them. And you need to [talk to them], and your children need you to. So you work on it. He's made an effort and I try to make an effort and, you know, we just keep trying."

"When you have two children," Uma says, "I think that that's such a priority to protect them and to never lose sight of the fact that even if you're in a fight or even if things are going badly, it's in their best interests that everybody comes out okay. So there's no 'winning.' … He's their dad and so he's got to be a great guy and he's got to succeed in life and he's got to feel good about himself and, you know, I hope that he winds up there".

Uma says that even though both she and Ethan are putting forth an effort, they still have trouble communicating. "I don't know how he feels at the moment. We don't have a lot of personal chats about how we're doing. … It's very difficult [to communicate] because there's so much hurt feelings. … You try to talk and you reach out and then, like, you bump into these little things where it's clear that there's a lot of unfinished damage and baggage and stuff that's still in the way."
FROM: Uma Thurman on Love, Marriage and Men
Published on October 07, 2005


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