Roseanne Barr
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This is Rosanne's tenth time on The Oprah Show. Twelve years have gone by since her last appearance—and Roseanne tells Oprah she thought there was a reason for that. "I thought maybe you were mad at me because I got mad at you for choosing Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton and I said so," she says. "I thought, 'Uh-oh, she's going to really be pissed off at that.'"

Oprah tells Roseanne not to worry—she isn't mad! "I will assure you, I wasn't even the least bit affected by it," Oprah says. "Lots of people were pissed off at the time, but I really believed and still do believe in Barack Obama—that's why this is America."

However, there is another riff that Roseanne wants to clear up. In 1999, Roseanne had her own talk show and invited Oprah to be a guest. During that show, Roseanne and Oprah had an arm wrestling match for charity. "Okay, I lost," Roseanne says. "But I thought you cheated because I thought I should have won!"

"Why would I cheat about an arm wrestle?" Oprah says. "I thought you were just joking about that. I didn't think you really thought I cheated."

Roseanne says it wasn't until her kids set her straight and she watched the tape again that she realized she lost fair and square. "I'm sorry, I was wrong," she says. "I just wanted to win!"
FROM: Outrageous, Controversial Roseanne Barr Returns to The Oprah Show
Published on February 14, 2011


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