Unanswered Questions
If someone brutally murdered someone you love, would you have the courage to confront them? Would you even want to? For some victims of violent crimes, these meetings are vital to the healing process.

On February 13, 1988, 17-year-old Jennifer slept in her bedroom as her father, Franklin Kennedy (known as Ken) was forced into his bed, stripped naked and brutally stabbed to death.

According to news accounts in Des Moines, Iowa, Ken—divorced from Jennifer's mother after he announced that he is gay—attended a dinner theater with a male friend. He then went to a part of town called "the gay loop," where he met two men who he brought back to his apartment. The two men murdered Ken and robbed his home. Jennifer found her father's body the next morning.

Two weeks later two young men, Billy Green and Gary Titus, were apprehended and were later convicted of murder. They are both serving life sentences.