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When Dale was released from prison, Sue received a shocking phone call. Dale wanted to meet her in person and apologize for trying to kill her. Dale and Sue shared their story on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2004.

"I was back in jail again, looking at another term in prison," Dale says. "I had basically hit bottom and didn't like myself. Part of the 12-step drug program I was going through is to make amends where possible. So that's why I called Sue the first time, to tell her I was sorry for what I had done."

Dale and Sue had four restorative justice meetings in the summer of 2002, four years after Dale initially called to apologize for the shooting. "I knew it was divinely guided, and I felt it was really important to go and participate for the healing that was necessary for the whole family and Dale's family, as well," Sue says.

Dale says Sue helped him forgive himself. "There's a lot of emotions. Sue had forgiven me, which helped me to forgive myself for what I had done," Dale says. "Because I lived years with the guilt, the shame of what I'd done."
FROM: Confronting the Attacker
Published on November 08, 2006


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