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Angela says Angelo's answers help give her closure and a measure of peace. "I've forgiven him because I know that me hating him will not get me anywhere," Angela says. "Hatred will eat your life."

The mediation, which Angela's family was originally hesitant about, also helps answer a question that plagued the family for years: Did Angelo really kill Tonya?

Angelo had originally pleaded not guilty in court, but he was convicted on DNA evidence. Still, Angelo continued to deny killing Tonya. He didn't reveal the truth until meeting with Angela. "Especially being from a small town, people would always say, well, 'Angelo didn't do it,' or 'So-and-so did it,' whichever," Angela says. "To hear him say that, it just filled that hole so much."

The confession even helps her Aunt Roberta, who is Tonya's sister, gain a measure of respect for him. "Because he gave not only her closure, he gave us all closure which allowed us all to move on with our lives," Roberta says.
FROM: Confronting the Attacker
Published on November 08, 2006


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