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When she finally meets with her mother's murderer, Angela first asks Angelo to admit that he killed Tonya. "Growing up, people would always tell me you didn't do it," Angela says. "Did you do it?"

"I know that I did it," Angelo admits. "Yes."

Angela says that not knowing the details of her mother's murder has been unbearable for her. She asks Angelo what happened that night. "It happened just quickly, it's like I blanked out and I came to and I had her in my hands," Angelo says. "I've asked God so much so many times to take that night back. She was my best friend. I don't know how it happened, how I let it happen."

During their meeting, Angelo reads a statement to Angela. "I apologize to you this day knowing full well my apology does nothing to assuage your grief. I can only hope that by hearing from me the truth about that night that you will somehow be able to close a significant chapter in your life and that you will be able to move on with plans for your future. At one time in your life you used to call me Daddy. So, no, I'm not being brave by agreeing to this meeting. I'm just being a man for once in my life. I have no expectations of our meeting today other than to help you achieve the closure you asked for in your letter."
FROM: Confronting the Attacker
Published on November 08, 2006


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