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Over the next 16 years, Jennifer married and had five children. Still haunted by her father's horrific murder, she enrolled in a "restorative justice" program, designed to help victims and their families heal from the devastation of violent crime through meetings with the offender.

After meeting with a mediator who helped her prepare, Jennifer is ready for a face-to-face meeting with Billy, serving a sentence of life in prison without parole. Jennifer says she is nervous and scared to meet him on his own turf. "I [am] facing my fear," she says.

When they sit down, Billy tells Jennifer what transpired that night. He and Gary were out in search of alcohol when they met Ken, who invited them to his house. "He gave us the stuff to drink and put in some type of film on the TV. It was a gay film," Billy says. "So I'm thinking maybe Gary told your father he was coming there to have, you know, some type of relations with him or something that I didn't know."

Billy says he then went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. Billy and Gary then tried to rob Ken, but he refused to back down. A fight ensued and Billy says he then pulled out the knife and stabbed Ken, who died quickly.

Billy insists that he and Gary did not go to the house that night with the intention of killing Ken, and that they had no desire to hurt Jennifer. "After your father was killed, we opened the door and [saw] you in bed," Billy tells Jennifer. "If that was our purpose, we could have killed you right in the bed right there."
FROM: Confronting the Attacker
Published on November 08, 2006