Ultimate Betrayals
Amy Fisher in September 2004, and Mary Jo Buttafuoco in November 2005
In September 2004, Amy Fisher appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show to discuss her life being known as the infamous Long Island Lolita. When she was 16, Amy had an affair with a 36-year-old married man, Joey Buttafuoco. Amy later went to the Buttafuoco home and shot Joey's wife, Mary Jo, in the face.

At the time, Amy claimed that she and Joey were having an affair, and that he told her to shoot Mary Jo. Joey at first denied everything...but later admitted to the affair—but not the allegations of encouraging the shooting. Amy was convicted of attempted murder and Joey was convicted of statutory rape.

While watching Amy's interview on the show, Mary Jo says she was outraged by what she says was Amy's lack of emotional honesty. To tell her side of the story, Mary Jo appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show in November 2005.

Nearly 14 years after the shooting that landed them on front pages across the world, Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafuoco landed back in the news, appearing together in an interview on Entertainment Tonight. Mary Jo reportedly turned down an offer to appear in that interview.