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Heather, Jolie and Shannea were patients of Dr. Momah. Heather went to police after she was allegedly raped by Momah and helped break the case with a positive DNA match that linked Momah to the crime. She said she knew something wasn't right after her very first appointment. "I had had problems with addiction and chemical dependency and he prescribed heavy narcotics that first appointment," says Heather.

Shannea says Momah repeated numerous tests and procedures even when the results came back normal. "Instinctively, I felt uncomfortable with what he was doing," she says.

Jolie is battling cancer and says she is still recovering from the trauma she suffered at the hands of Momah. "I can't see doctors because I'm afraid to see a doctor," says Jolie. "I'm always having attacks, I'm always having flashbacks and I'm scared."

Momah was sentenced to 20 years in prison. His attorney says that her client still denies the charges and was wrongfully convicted.
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Published on May 05, 2006