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One of their regular meeting places, Lynne says, was a parking lot by a softball field. "The majority of our sexual relationship was, sad to say, in the back of a minivan," she says. "That sounds pretty pathetic."

In addition, Lynne had sex in his house. "[His wife] would go home for the weekend. Sometimes the kids were there, they were just sleeping," Lynne says. "I would pull into his garage and shut the garage door, and we'd sleep in the spare bedroom."

Throughout the course of their relationship, Lynne says he would tell her that he was considering leaving his wife but didn't want to leave his children. "He just kept asking me to be patient with him and to be understanding," she says. "And then he'd say, 'Okay, in six months I'll make a decision.' And then another six months [would pass]."

His wife had been suspicious of her husband for some time, but he had always denied having an affair and she had always ended up believing him, Lynne says. "She said the only way she would ever believe [the rumors of an affair] is if somebody sent her pictures," Lynne says. "And we were out of state at a business meeting again, and she received pictures while we were out."
FROM: When Your Husband Cheats with Your Best Friend
Published on May 18, 2006