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Lynne is a mother of four who lives in a small town. In a letter to The Oprah Winfrey Show, Lynne wrote, "I was the other woman. I had an affair with a co-worker for over three years. ... I would have never believed I could do this. Being the other woman was more painful than I could ever describe.

"You hope he will someday leave her, but you can't believe you want such a horrible thing. I am a strong Christian and knew it was wrong. I slept with her husband while she was at the hospital with their son. I saw their new home before she did. I lied to her when she called me. I lied to my children time and time again just to be with him. I did everything I despise. I felt desperate and dirty. I watched him shower before he went back home to her. I felt like a prostitute."

Lynne says she finally decided to come clean about her actions with the hope of educating other women to keep them from getting themselves into similar situations. "Nothing good can come out of it," Lynne says. "It hurts everybody. Not just two or three people—it hurts everybody."
FROM: When Your Husband Cheats with Your Best Friend
Published on May 18, 2006


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