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Chandra remembers the day she married David as a "beautiful" winter wedding, complete with the perfect dress, great friends and family. Nine years later, David and Chandra, parents to three young children, continue to surround themselves with trusted friends.

Over the years, Chandra says one friend in particular became a big part of her life. "I felt like her big sister in a way," she says. "[David and I] went camping with her and her husband. ... I trusted her."

When Chandra's best friend moved away with her husband and baby, Chandra was heartbroken.

Not long after the move, the friend and her baby came to visit David and Chandra. Upon their arrival, Chandra says something seemed off. "She almost seemed mad at me, like I was kind of in her way, and I was irritating to her," she says.

Chandra also noticed that David was spending a lot of time alone with her friend. "In the back of my mind I thought, 'Okay, something's not right.' I just had a feeling...a gut feeling."

Then came the bombshell. Chandra read her best friend's diary and discovered that she was having an affair with David.
FROM: When Your Husband Cheats with Your Best Friend
Published on May 18, 2006


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