Turning Pain Into Power
Amy and Chris
Amy and Chris started dating at the end of their senior year in high school. "We were in love," says Amy. "We did everything together." Amy and Chris dated for eight years before they married, had two young sons, and led what appeared to be a great life.

But their nine-year marriage was far from perfect. "Everything had to be done his way," says Amy. "He was just very, very controlling—mentally and emotionally—throughout the whole relationship. But never physically abusive."

When Amy could no longer take the verbal and emotional abuse, the couple tried seeing a marriage counselor. But Chris resisted the counseling and eventually moved out. Five days after Chris left, Amy says they agreed to meet at a hotel to discuss a divorce. "He came in and I could just tell he was aggravated," Amy recalls. "He told me he wanted full custody of our kids. I said 'no.' That's when I saw the look on his face of a monster."