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In the 1970s, brazen beauty Lynn Kohlman took the fashion world by storm. Then, after appearing in magazines around the world, Lynn ended her career as a model to become a famed photographer and the creative director at DKNY. She also started a family.

In 2002, Lynn felt a lump in her breast. It was cancer…and it had spread to both breasts. There was only one real treatment option—a radical double mastectomy followed by aggressive chemotherapy. After her treatment, doctors delivered the good news that her breast cancer was gone.

With the help of her best friend Donna Karan, Lynn took on a new approach to living. She became passionate about studying yoga and staying healthy. But as it turned out, breast cancer was just the beginning of her battle.

A few months later, during yoga class, Lynn felt a surge of fire rush through her body. She was having a seizure. Subsequent medical tests confirmed what Lynn says she already knew—it was brain cancer. Doctors gave her six months to live…that was three years ago.
FROM: Her Husband Tried to Kill Her Three Times
Published on October 21, 2005


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