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Oprah: There are women who are going to get the diagnosis for breast cancer today. … What do you want to tell them?

Lynn: To choose. You have choices when you get cancer. To me there are only two—I'm a very black and white person. You can either lie down and say, "Why me?" or you can look at it and go, "This is the story. What do I choose to do about it?" Is it lie down … or is it to really look deeper than that and enjoy every single day that I do have when confronted with death and make it the best day of my life.

Lynn wears her Live Strong bracelet with pride and says that Lance Armstrong was one of the inspirations for her book. Lance's words have also helped her confront fear and "choose to look at death as an option."

Lynn also found inspiration in Neil Young's lyrics. She even chose to close her book with a Neil Young quote that reads, "A little love and affection, in everything you do, will make the world a better place, with or without you."
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Published on October 21, 2005