Oprah gives Adrianne and Scott champagne for their next party.

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After their day together, Oprah is surprised to find out that Scott has never been to a taping of The Oprah Winfrey Show—even though it's right across the street! "All the time I see the line of women lined around in the morning, and every morning I hear them when I get up," he says.

Oprah decides to return their hospitality by inviting the couple to a taping of the show. And she has one more surprise. "I believe that whenever you visit somebody's house, you're supposed to take some kind of gift," Oprah says. "I had a present for you, and then when I walked in and saw that house, how neat it was, I thought it would add too much clutter to your house."

Oprah decided to swap her original gift with something she is sure Scott and Adrianne will love—a case of Dom Pérignon champagne for their next party!
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Published on April 12, 2007