True American Heroes
Makeba, a Hurricane Katrina volunteer
This year, Oprah surprises a studio audience of Hurricane Katrina volunteer workers with a few of her favorite things!

"Nobody deserves it more than these true American heroes!" Oprah says.

All the volunteers have heartwarming stories to share. Makeba, a pharmacist at a hospital in New Orleans, reported to work as the ferocious storm headed her way. The hospital administrators told Makeba she could go home, but she knew patients needed medication, even with a Category 5 hurricane rolling in.

While the storm raged outside, Makeba worked around the clock. After three days with no sleep, Makeba reached her breaking point. She began thinking about her home and the beloved pets she left behind. She called her mother and told her she was leaving the hospital.

"I was crying my heart out," Makeba says. " She said, 'You have patients that are depending on you. When you graduated from school, you took an oath to serve, and if you walk out, you're walking out on everything that you stand for.'"

Makeba's mother's words gave her the strength to stay on duty for 10 straight days, filling prescriptions and delivering lifesaving medications to people in need.