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One of the most infamous moments of the O.J. Simpson trial involved Mark Fuhrman, a detective with the Los Angeles Police Department at the time.

Fuhrman, who testified that he had found a bloody glove that linked O.J. to the scene of the crime, was a key witness for the prosecution. But, after Fuhrman's testimony, O.J.'s defense team presented taped recordings of Fuhrman using racial epithets into evidence to refute his testimony.

Although Marcia Clark, the lead attorney for the prosecution, and Christopher weren't aware of Fuhrman's racist remarks, Christopher says he had a bad feeling about Fuhrman before this new evidence came to light. He says Johnnie Cochran, a member of O.J.'s defense team, pulled him aside before Fuhrman's testimony and gave him a word of advice…Johnnie told him not to put Fuhrman on the stand.

To this day, Christopher says he's angered by what he believes Fuhrman did to the prosecution's case. "You really can't be a friend of mine and be a friend of Mark Fuhrman's," he says. "People in our case made mistakes. But the thing he did on the witness stand that day was intentional. He had every opportunity to tell me, to tell Marcia Clark, to tell someone about these epithets."

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Published on February 09, 2006


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